Mitsubishi Motors is a huge concern in Japan. The logo of three red diamonds, which is shared with over forty other companies within the group, predates Mitsubishi Motors itself by nearly a century. The name Mitsubishi is an amalgamation of two words: Mitsu ("three") and Hishi ("water chestnut", which is often used in Japan to denote a diamond).

The history of Mitsubishi Motors counts more then 135 years. Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries has launched the "Mitsubishi Model-A" project in 1917, one of the trailblazers of Japanese mass-production passenger cars. Mitsubishi Motors got its independence in 1970 when the automobile division was separated from Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, making cars and trucks for over thirty years. Later the company was reborn again as the new brand called Mitsubishi Motors - a producer specialized in passenger cars.

Mitsubishi is currently the seventh largest car manufacturer in Japan and seventeenth in the world. Their main problem has been a lack of models to choose from but in the last few years they have worked hard to address this and now have a fairly large range covering most sectors of the market. But anyway cars could be customized with Mitsubishi accessories & parts at Aside from this though the history of Mitsubishi is quite complex and they have had business partnerships with companies you would not have expected, notably Volvo and Daimler Chrysler to name but two. After working with Chrysler Mitsubishi has been then involved with Daimler Chrysler. They have also had a partnership with Proton and Hyundai but now the company seems to be more settled and were able to reveal the award winning I model in 2006.

Mitsubishi have had mixed fortunes over the years with some successful models and of course you can't really mention Mitsubishi without talking about their successes with the Ralliart division and the whole Evolution phenomenon. The new Mitsubishi Lancer has been received favorably and Mitsubishi has joined up with PSA Peugeot Citroen to produce the 4007 and C-Crosser which are SUV vehicles based on the Mitsubishi Outlander. The Outlander itself boasts favorable fuel economy combined with the lowest C02 emissions in its class.

If you ask anyone to name any model by Mitsubishi, there is no doubt that the most popular will be Mitsubishi Lancer. The 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer is exactly what shoppers are looking for—smaller, more fuel efficient, with improved ride and handling capabilities plus a pleasing perky, new four-cylinder engine. By utilizing the modern platform similar to the one employed for the Mitsubishi Outlander crossover sport utility vehicle, the new 2008 lancer was able to deliver better riding and handling performance. It was also given a new front, McPherson strut suspension, making the new Lancer sedan firmer and in control eliminating the constant hard drumming of road bumps.

For the speed admires they've prepared New 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution. It is a four door sedan type vehicle that is a four-wheel drive car. Today's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, technically known as the Lancer Evolution X, offers a level of performance typically found in European sports cars and sport sedans that cost considerably more. Only a few cars can provide comparable engine power, precision handling and driving intensity. As a bonus, the Evo looks the part of a legitimate high-performance car as well.

Mitsubishi has various models that are in high demand for those that love the style and dependability that is seen with the Mitsubishi line of cars. Today, you can find a large variety of Mitsubishi's at affordable prices whether you desire new or used. No matter what type of Mitsubishi you desire, it has a wide array of models to choose from.